About Belfor Israel
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About Belfor

Belfor Israel belongs to the largest multi-national group for restoration and management of damage and natural disasters, Belfor International.

Belfor Israel provides international level service, in accordance with strict standards, including EPA, OSHA, and the Israeli Ministry of the Environment.

Belfor Israel regularly updates and applies innovative work methods, materials, and technologies.
Belfor Israel manages a quality control system using ISO9002 standards.

Belfor Israel employs many engineers, technicians, chemists, consultants, and professional staff who have been trained in Israel and abroad in treating, restoring, and reconstructing buildings and their contents, electronic equipment and computers, documents and magnetic media, and industrial machinery.

Belfor Israel employs dedicated equipment and sophisticated laboratories throughout Israel and is capable of responding to urgent calls, any time of the day or night, in order to halt and stabilize the damage in its early stages.

Belfor Israel is proud of its variety of private customers, companies, institutions, and large organizations, among the leaders of the Israeli economy.

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